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Transact's EZCash ATM

Private ATM Network owners can transfer money to account holders to be withdrawn at the EZCash ATMs using a text messaged or printed barcode.

EZCash ATMs are currently in use at hundreds of scrap yards with thousands of transactions taking place daily with close to a million dollars being distributed everyday! 

Point of Purchase Integration

  1. Customer sells material to scrap yard and is owed money
  2. EZCash interfaces with scrap purchasing software
  3. Barcode equal to the amount owed is printed on receipt
  4. Use the EZCash Scrap Yard ATM and get cash!

This same flow can be used in every industry that pays cash out!

Private ATM Network

  1. Register any card with a magnetic strip or use a cell phone number
  2. Create a secret PIN and verify cell phone number via text message
  3. Transfer money in a customized dashboard or accounting interface
  4. Use the EZCash Private ATM and get cash!

Watch our 1 Minute Closed Loop ATM Demo

Transact can develop a white label solution to interface with your existing point of purchase software or create an online portal to create your very own Private ATM Network.  

The EZcash monitoring software allows users to view cash position, transaction records, balancing reports and statuses of all your ATMs. Simple balancing procedures include end of day, cut-to-cut, and armored car management.

Why use an ATM?


All cash is locked in a safe thus eliminating the availbity of unsecured cash at your business. Armored car delivey ensures no access to cash at anytime.


Fully automated dispensers eliminate the time consuming and error prone task of counting money. The self-service configuration allows customers to also be paid without a dedicated cashier.


Uses proven self-service technologies by our partners at NCR with a wide network of service providers. Easily integrates into many different industry's needs.

About Us

The Transact Team

Ken Gruber founded Transact Payment Systems Inc in 1996. Our team of dedicated developers, support, and business development is located in St. Petersburg, FL.

The team at Transact has deployed and supports hundreds of closed loop ATMs for various industries and applications. 

History & Innovation

Transact started by using on-time use magnetic striped cards to provide automated payment to customers bringing materials to a scrapyard for recycling. 

Then with the introduction of NCR’s 2D bar code reader technology we eliminated the need to issue plastic cards, instead customers receive a printed receipt that includes an encrypted bar code that can be read by the ATM. 

Want Your Own Private ATM?

What are some current iterations? The ability to scan QR codes right on your phone along with many other options!

Want the safety and security of a private ATM?  We are always developing new solutions for cash management, so let us know your idea and we would love to help your business! 

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