About CaddyVend.com

Members & Caddies Enroll


Club's Members and Caddy list is uploaded into CaddyVend with cellphone numbers.

Caddies and Members simply authenticate their cellphone number. 

Members can choose to fund their account or can accrue a balance to be applied to their regular membership statement. 

Golf Round Completed


Caddies use the web app to search for the Member or scan the Member's unique QR Code.  

Caddies can add a photo of the chit and enter the payment amount.  

Members immediately receive a text message showing the debited amount and can also review their Caddyvend account online.

Members Billed & Caddies Get Cash!


Caddies can generate a QR code payment text message and scan at the onsite EZCash ATM to get paid cash!

 Daily billing reports (Exel or CSV) will be generated for easy uploading to existing club accounting software systems OR

CaddyVend can bill members directly through the ACH option.  

 Please call (727)568-7075 for any inquiries.