EZCash ATM Software - Driving Your ATM


EZCash Monitor

The EZcash Monitor displays icons that indicate the status and remaining balance of the device.


EZCash Balancing

 Administrators can access transaction details, real time balances, equipment statuses and diagnostics. 


EZCash Transaction Detail

 Triggers payment devices, allows clients to run without direct database access, includes a user interface to monitor, troubleshoot and balance cash terminals. 

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JPEGger - Transaction Imaging

Snap Shot Audit Trail

Limitless Use Cases


JPEGger can organize your transaction audit trail automatically. Auto trigger one camera or a group of cameras when a scale is read, a receipt is printed, or when a barcode is read at an ATM. The possibilities are endless with JPEGger!

Flexible Image Collection


Collect and organize images form fingerprint scanners, scanned documents, signature pads, driver license scanners, and much more. Automatically embed text on images too.